The Communicator's Coach

Be you. Show up as you. You are enough.

I help professional communicators move from feeling overwhelmed, not good enough and not being able to see the wood from the trees through to a life of clear choices, a plan of action and the confidence to see it through.

Sessions & charges

We start with a free 30 minute conversation about what you need and how I work. If we decide we're a great fit for each other here are the sessions and charges.

Two-hour discovery session
Gives you clarity about where you are in your life right now, what you want to achieve for your future and sets the foundation of our coaching relationship.

One hour session
You bring whatever you want to and we work through it together. I also keep you moving towards what you'd like to achieve - as identified in your discovery session.

What you want to achieve will determine how long we work together. The pace you want to work at will determine the frequency of our sessions.

On average most people work with me for around eight sessions.

Corporate coaching is driven by the needs of the communicator and organisation jointly.

I help communicators and their organisations focus on specific areas such as enhancing performance, building competency in a new role or developing strategies to help manage stress. 

You're most likely in a senior position, have very little time and feel isolated. I work with you to provide professional and personal development and achieve your full potential, for now and in the future.

Contact me for a tailored plan and pricing.

I've created a collection of 'single' one-hour sessions for times when you need a little extra support. I use tried and tested methods that give you the results you want and need - quickly. 

These sessions require you to do a little pre-work so that we can maximise our time together and focus on what you need to do next.

In this session you come with a problem you want to solve. You'll get a different perspective, clarity, new ideas and the right solution for you. Or you can use the session to for an experienced and objective view on your work/plan or strategy. 

Is everything feeling too much? are you overwhelmed and feeling disorganised? Come to this session with all your pieces of paper, lists and plans and leave with one consolidated list for the month ahead and daily plan for the next few days -to get you into a tiny new habit that can change the way you feel.

Included in each 'single' session price is the option to have a follow up 15-minute check-in to make sure you're on track and are getting the results you wanted.

Every month I have two coaching slots for communicators who really need some urgent coaching.

If you feel like I am the right coach for you and my charges are outside of your budget, get in touch and pay what you can.

I believe Coaching is a very personal relationship, so it's really important to choose a coach that you feel will support you through your journey.